Interactive Audio/Visual/Light Show

TEDx Amsterdam 2023

Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 2023

At TEDx Amsterdam, our task was to craft an immersive experience integrating light shows, real-time audio-visuals, and live dance/performance movements. Our solution involved the development of a fully interactive system providing real-time control over the lights in the Groote Zaal, responding dynamically to the dancers and sound for a synchronized experience.



Interactive Audio/Visual Installation

Elevated Momentum 2023

TANZRAUSCHEN, Wuppertal, Germany, August 2023

Elevated Momentum” emerges as a fusion of human expression and computational methodologies, where art and technology merge to evoke a profound sense of interconnectedness. In this immersive exploration, the enchanting dance of human form converges with generative visuals and interactive soundscapes.



Visual/Light Installation

Amsterdam Open Air 2023

Gaasperpark, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 2023

We created a real-time visual and light show for the Saturday night finale of Amsterdam Open Air 2023, a highly anticipated annual music festival held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our approximately 90 minutes show added an electrifying dimension to the festival’s vibrant atmosphere.



Light Installation

Mysteryland 2022 & 2023

Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands, 2022 – 2023

Mysteryland is the leading electronic dance music festival in the Netherlands, organized by the Netherlands-based promoter ID&T. Being the first of its kind in the country when it was established, its organizers have billed the event as the oldest dance music festival in the Netherlands. Each year, more than 100,000 visitors from over 100 nationalities are welcomed at Mysteryland.



Virtual Audio/Visual/Light Installation


Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2022

Strive for status and success, be competitive, join the rat race – from an early age these
notions are imposed on us by society. I have always struggled with these beliefs, however,
and have always wondered how they relate to me personally.
That’s why this project is so very special to me: I’m thrilled to present the next phase of
OUTSIDER, an immersive installation for daily grind weary adults.



Audio/Visual Installation


The Hague, The Netherlands, 2022

Techleap is a non-profit organization that exists to help Dutch start-ups and scale-ups move forward. We were commissioned to create an immersive installation on future-proof leadership. We developed and built a tree-shaped construction that featured 36 screens and a 10-minute animation about growth.



Audio/Visual Installation


Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2022

After a series of studies on generative arts and artificial life systems, artist Nikzad Arabshahi had the idea to reconstruct the essence of his paintings as an artificial life ecosystem (Soft Alife) to give the visual elements/components a certain degree of autonomy, and certain control over its own production to grow, develop and perform as a group of autopoiesis agents in real-time through algorithmic computer renderings.



Interactive Audio/Visual Installation


Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2021

You are about to enter a zone/an experiment that is created to manipulate your sensation. Formulated an interwoven sonic and visual experience to confuse your perceptual apparatus, and challenge your certainty of being here and now.
It involves you in an oscillation state, swinging between the feeling of telepresence within an artificial world while you perceive being inside the physical environment.



Interactive Visual Installation


Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2021

A cooperation between Boompje Studio, yfzlab and Nikzad Arabshahi. 
LIQUIFIER presented at the AMAZE project by ID&T.




Immersive/Interactive Audio/Visual Installation

AMAZE / Swing

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2021

AMAZE is immersive experience, a true audio-visual playground, in which the pioneers of Dutch dance combined their powers into the experience of a lifetime.



Immersive/Interactive Light Installation

AMAZE / Confetti

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2021

AMAZE is immersive experience, a true audio-visual playground, in which the pioneers of Dutch dance combined their powers into the experience of a lifetime.



Interactive Audio/Visual Installation


The Hague, The Netherlands 2020

Autogenesis is a type of interactive project between the viewer and the reflections of the artist’s imaginations. In this installation, the viewer interacts with a modeled system of the artist’s mind and experiences a range of variations among the three situations (order, complexity and disorder) of an Audio – Visual art work.



Interactive Audio/Visual Installation

Interference 53°N,42°E (V1.0 & 2.0)

Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven / SeeLab, The Hague, The Netherlands 

“Interference 53N,42E (v2.0)” a cooperation project by Sandipan Nath & Nikzad Arabshahi
Researcher, Visual designer, communication manager:Sandipan Nath
Nikzad Arabshahi: Architect, Sculpture designer, Ambisonics/Audio engineering, Production.
Mehrnaz Khorrami: Sound composition
Dimitri Thouzery : Multimedia programing
Peter Versluis: Production


Online Audio/Visual Exhibition

We Lose Everything

MAN WITH A WEBCAM [DIGITAL OASES], Georgia/The Netherlands 2020

An E-Collaboration between NUM and Nikzad Arabshahi

Sound Processing, Videography by NUM duo (Maryam Sirvan, Milad Bagheri) – Tbilisi, Georgia
Video Processing, Artistic idea, Graphic design by Nikzad Arabshahi – The Hague, The Netherlands


Audio/Visual Performance – architectural mapping

EVOKE V.02 – OrbitFest 

Synagogue Groningen, The Netherlands 2019

EVOKE is a generative art project inspired by “Mind Uploading theory” by Nikzad Arabshahi, Sound design by Maggie Khorami.
In of these series of AV set audiences experiences the modeled system of an artificial vision generated in real-time, a self-awareness exploration of an imaginary cybernetic organism that is starting a self-hack journey through its macro uploaded memories to micro binaries data to perceive its embodied identity.


Mixmedia drawing-painting exhibition

Reflections of the glitched identity, Luxembourg city, Luxembourg 2019

A comprehensive review of Nikzad Arabshahi’s paintings and drawings, from Synchronicity collection 2008 to Supernova collection 2016
Curated by Gila Paris


Interactive Audio/Visual sculpture


The Hague, The Netherlands 2019

“Autokatakritos – self-condemned” is an autonomous audio-visual installation, combined with physical, electronic, and digital components to simulate an AI machine that is conceptually affected and physically programmed to be addicted to smoking. In this installation, every viewer has a choice to decides to turn the whole system on by feeding the physical part of the sculpture with a cigarette and experiences approximately 5 minutes of the machine’s journey from its born stage to its death stage.


Interactive Audio/Visual Installation


TAF, Tbilisi Art Fair, Georgia 2018

To design the algorithms of Autogenesis core system, the data from the composer’s physical and mental patterns while painting and drawing is utilized and a simulator model of his method is generated by an automatic coding software. Therefore, what is depicted before the observer is the result of a generative system creating the terminal image and final sound autonomously in real time. 



Autonomous Audio/Visual Installation


Art lounge, Contemporary Art Gallery 2016

The core of Refactor project is a computer program based on evaluating, reviewing, reflecting, and reinterpreting the painter’s practice of art-making. The outcome of this self-reflection is turned into compositional algorithms that can be formulated mathematically so that their sequential outcome forms a dynamic network of computer codes. These computer codes are making possible painterly experiences without the painter, a painting factory without any need for the painter’s presence or control. 


Mixmedia drawing-painting exhibition

SuperNova, Luxembourg city, Luxembourg 2019

SuperNova collection is Painting (Acrylic on heavy canvas) series, exhibited in CULTURE.inside gallery, Luxembourg City, Luxembourgs


Interactive Visual installation

Searching For The Signal 

London, United Kingdom 2013-2015

Searching for the signal is an interactive videography project base on data manipulation theory. The original images losts when audiences try to closely approach them. Physical movements of the audiences capture by motion capture sensors (Kinect) and modify as errors/glitches while the system generating the visual contents.
Therefore, every trying to grasp the original artworks decay the authenticity and manipulate the genuineness. Glitched images are generated by creative coding, and variation of visual contents are endless without repetition.


Painting / Drawing Exhibition


CULTURE.inside gallery, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg 2019

Eraser collection is Painting (Acrylic on heavy canvas) series, exhibited in CULTURE.inside gallery, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg



Painting / Drawing Exhibition


Etemad Gallery 2010-2011

Chlordiazepoxide collection is Painting (Acrylic on heavy canvas) series, exhibited in Etemad Gallery and Abbey de Neumunster museum, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg



Painting / Drawing Exhibition

Neodrawing V.02

Etemad Gallery 2009-2010

Neodrawing V.02 collection is Drawing on paper series, exhibited in Etemad Gallery, House Of The Nobleman, London, England, CultureInside gallery, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg



Painting / Drawing Exhibition


Etemad Gallery 2007-2008

Neodrawing collection is Drawing on paper series, exhibited in Etemad Gallery and House Of The Nobleman, London, England