Interactive A/V Installation

by Nikzad Arabshahi

Interactive Audio/Visual Installation

Den Haag, The Netherlands 2020

Autogenesis is a type of interactive project between the viewer and the reflections of the artist’s imaginations. In this installation, the viewer interacts with a modeled system of the artist’s mind and experiences a range of variations among the three situations (order, complexity, and disorder) of an Audio – Visual artwork. To design the algorithms of Autogenesis core system, the data from the composer’s physical and mental patterns while painting and drawing is utilized and a simulator model of his method is generated by automatic coding software. Therefore, what is depicted before the observer is the result of a generative system creating the terminal image and final sound autonomously in real-time. The viewer has the opportunity to manipulate the artwork and through participating in the formation process can graft into the artwork, alter the content and its creation logic, in addition to synchronizing with it a while.