Elevated Momentum 2023

Interactive A/V Installation

Elevated Momentum

Interactive Audio/Visual Installation

TANZRAUSCHEN, Wuppertal, Germany, August 2023


Elevated Momentum” emerges as a fusion of human expression and computational methodologies, where art and technology merge to evoke a profound sense of interconnectedness. In this immersive exploration, the enchanting dance of human form converges with generative visuals and interactive soundscapes.

In this interactive installation, dancers/participants find themselves intertwined with technology, co-creating a narrative that blurs the boundaries between creator and creation. The motion capture system gracefully captures every gesture’s grace, translating dancers’ fluid motions into data-driven algorithms. This poetic revelation unites the organic essence of human movement with the ethereal canvas of the digital realm, infusing pixels and sounds with life.

As participants immerse themselves in this transcendent symphony, they embrace the roles of both creators and conductors. Their interactions catalyze the evolution of generative algorithms, shaping the unfolding visuals and soundscapes with each gesture and intention. The interplay between human agency and technological expression reveals an intimate dance of co-creation between humanity and its technological counterparts.

Harmonizing with the generative visuals, real-time soundscapes envelop participants in an immersive auditory experience. The soundscapes come alive, mirroring every motion and interaction, generating harmonies and rhythms that resonate with the fluidity of the immersive space. Participants become harmonious instruments, contributing to a dynamic symphony that resonates through this shared journey of creative exploration.


Visual, Installation, System Design, Programming: Nikzad Arabshahi
Sound Design: Maggie Khorami
Production: Zara Gayk, TANZRAUSCHEN
Photography: Nikzad Arabshahi