AOA 2023

Visual/Light Installation

Amsterdam Open Air 2023

Audio/Visual/Light Installation

Gaasperpark, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 2023


We created a real-time visual and light show for the Saturday night finale of Amsterdam Open Air 2023, a highly anticipated annual music festival held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our approximately 90 minutes show added an electrifying dimension to the festival’s vibrant atmosphere.

Amsterdam Open Air, which first took place on June 4, 2011, in the picturesque Gaasperpark, has become a beloved tradition held every year on the first weekend of June. Well-known for its fusion of electronic music, art, and fashion, the festival offers a unique immersive experience. Multiple stages host a diverse lineup of local and international artists, including compelling live acts. With its energetic ambiance, imaginative decorations, and eclectic music programming, Amsterdam Open Air is a must-attend event for music enthusiasts and creative souls alike.


Visual and Light Design: Nikzad Arabshahi
Programming: Nikzad Arabshahi
Production and Project Management: Amsterdam Open Air B.V.
Photography: Mehrnaz Khorrami